MCM is dedicated to making learning fun and we are able to do so with a wide variety of interactive exhibits.

Discovery Park

Opened in 2017, Discovery Park is a STEM exhibit that provides children with the opportunity to understand science in the world around them. Through this exhibit, kids will see that exploring animals, identifying animal ambassadors, learning about storm safety and many more experiences are all valuable in discovering science.

The Big Rig

Hop inside to see a truck driver’s home away from home. Imagine making a cross country trip, stopping at rest stops and meeting new people.

Tot Spot

Five years old and younger are encouraged to explore, create and discover in this hands-on interactive space! Take a swing under The Giving Tree, peer through the periscope in the lighthouse or step aboard the tug boat, matey! Look for interactive signs throughout the exhibit.

Outdoor Learning Center

The Outdoor Learning Center is a place for exploration and discovery. Find the “Five Senses” garden, climb in the tree house or count our resident turtles in the pond.

Make Believe Theater

Dress up, and act out any scenario and watch yourself on live TV! Join us on special events and experience our new Kids’ Karaoke.

Book Nook

Let your imagination be your guide as you read about magical and faraway places in Book Nook.  Book Nook is centered on Caldecott Medal-winning books such as Polar Express and Kitten’s First Full Moon. Book Nook promotes literacy in families and we encourage parents to become involved in story time with their children.

Water Works

Water Works demonstrates the power of flowing water. Aim water guns at spinning targets, use creativity to channel and direct water to your liking or estimate and measure capacity using the measuring materials.


Put a bridle on the horse’s head, gather eggs from the chickens or milk the cow. See how you measure up to the size of various farm animals on the wall chart. Learn about different farm animals.

Veterinarian Office

Discover what instruments vets use on animals. Practice your x-ray reading skills, and learn about parasites.

The Ant Wall

Climb in and around the ant wall. Pretend to be a colony of ants and learn about the different ant jobs.

Recycling Center

Play I Spy recycling style. Learn what you can and cannot recycle.


Compare the schoolhouse of the past with schools of today. Notice the Spanish and English words for items in the schoolhouse.

Munseetown Express

The Muncie & Western Model Railroad Club designed and maintain the entire train display. Push the red buttons on the wall of the exhibit and watch the trains go! Check out the track signs, each one has you hunting for a different thing.

Nutrition Kitchen

Set the table and use foods from the Marsh Mini Market to serve a healthy meal. While in the Nutrition Kitchen, check out Stuffee, the big doll with blue hair in the closet. He is used to teach children about the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.

Marsh Market

Marsh Mini Market is full of foods to role play with in the Nutrition Kitchen. The mini market is designed to encourage children to experience hands-on nutritional education, grocery shopping and career exploration. Don’t forget your shopping list.

Doctor’s Office

Set-up an appointment with your next patient or take your turn getting a check-up in the museum Doctor’s Office.

Ball Wall

The Ball Wall features magnetic pieces both children and adults can manipulate on a large steel canvas. It allows families to work together using gravity to transfer large street hockey balls from the top of the wall to the bottom.

Pixel Pegs

The Pixel Peg Board is like a giant Lite Brite. Using the brightly colored pegs families will be able to create a beautiful picture, play Simon Says, or even create constellations. This board is designed for fun!

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