“Students learn best when they’re actually engaged in the practices of science”

The Muncie Children’s Museum (MCM) will unveil Phase One of its new and exciting Discovery Park STEM exhibit on Sunday, October 1. Discovery Park will provide children the opportunity to learn science while actually engaged in the practices of science, the underlying premise of the 2016 Indiana state science standards.

Discovery Park at the Muncie Children’s Museum will provide children the opportunity to experience the joy and wonder of understanding science in the world around them. Our approach to science emphasizes the process of how we find out about the natural and physical world. Once fully completed it will help children understand that science is a way of knowing about the world and is a part of everyday living. Through this approach in Phase One, children will see that exploring animals, identifying animal ambassadors, learning about storm safety, and many more experiences are all valuable in discovering science.

The museum’s Discovery Park science gallery will be a place where families are encouraged to do science together; a place that offers a wealth of resources to support science learning; and a place that provides opportunities to engage in science at various levels of expertise and involvement. Children will encounter the fascinating science behind how things work which leads to them asking their own questions, seeking their own answers, and solving their own problems. This is what science literacy is all about.

After participating in the Discovery Park experience, we want all children to leave encouraged to investigate their environment and motivated to discover the how and why in their own world. We want many children to recognize that scientists have useful ways of investigating things that often go beyond a “scientific method” and to become more involved with their own experimentation. Lastly, we want some children “turned on” to the endeavor of advancing scientific knowledge and to want to become the scientists of future generations.

We encourage you to bring your family and watch as Discovery Park comes to life!

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